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Course Description

This Millwright Exam Preparation course has been designed to prepare Industrial Mechanic Millwright License Exam candidates.  ​

The course provides the following:


A Little about our questions and their format:

  • We DO NOT offer questions directly from the Inter-Provincial Millwright Exam!

  • All of our questions offer a full justification for each answer with supporting graphics, videos and industry links where available.

  • These Justifications empower the user to understand the question and answer as opposed to memorization.  This format better prepares for challenger for the Millwright Exam.

Millwright Exam Test Questions and Answers
Millwright Exam Test Questions and Answers
Millwright Exam Test Questions and Answers
Millwright Exam Test Questions and Answers
Millwright Exam Test Questions and Answers
Millwright Exam Test Questions and Answers
Millwright Exam Test Questions and Answers
Millwright Exam Test Questions and Answers







Millwright Exam Preparation Course


I found it easy to use the Millwright Exam Preparation course via my browser or mobile device, but I definitely found that being able to quickly do exams on breaks throughout the day made a huge difference.

XLR8Ed provided me with an efficient way to study anytime and anywhere. I had a difficult time prioritizing my efforts while reading various manuals until I tried this online millwright exam course. This course helped to break down my weakest areas so I could develop a study plan. Pictures, videos, and links for justification of answers helped me learn and absorb the material effectively. 24/7 access via my phone or home computer helped me balance a study schedule throughout my day. Quick responses from the staff was a pleasant surprise, and no questions I had went unanswered. I would highly recommend this course to anyone preparing to write the Inter-Provincial Millwright Exam.


Mark W. - Licensed July 2018

Thanks to the helping hand of XLR8ed, I can proudly call myself a Red Seal Millwright. This program goes above and beyond to assure the student is ready to successfully write their Millwright Exam. It helps you to understand the wording of the millwright exam questions, pin point the areas you need to work on and plus for the mobile users you can always put the work anywhere and anytime (as long as you have service, not hard on the data). The 1500 millwright exam questions assure you that you go through everything from fire extinguishers to hydraulic troubleshooting to even electrical. The program is set up to not give you the same questions in the same order to help you to see all the questions they have to offer. For the vast majority of the questions, they don't only have the answer but a brief YouTube video and a paragraph to explain the answer. And to top it all off, they have actual moderators there to help if you have any questions. For the price you need to pay, this is without a doubt the best bang for your looney when it comes to preparing for the Red Seal Millwright Exam.


Pat G. - Licensed August 2018

I found my first attempt on the Millwright Exam very difficult.  XLR8Ed Millwright Exam Prep online 24/7 access was very helpful for work and study. The questions were similar and often the same format as the millwright exam. The best part about the practice tests was it was broke down into the main sections on the real millwright exam, allowing you to concentrate on key areas.  Also whether you got the question right or wrong they had a great explanation along with some videos and/or pictures as well.  I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to prepare for their Red Seal Millwright Exam.


Adam V. - Licensed April 2018

My Name is Chris Folk and  I Hold a certificate of qualification in the voluntary trade  Industrial Mechanic Millwright. After completing my apprenticeship, to obtain my license there was one final obstacle to over come which was the written inter-provincial millwright exam. I was told by many that it was a difficult exam to pass, and not to be disappointed if I did not pass on the first attempt. I knew that I needed help to prepare myself for this exam but didn't know where to find it.  I then found a training solution website called Xlr8ed Learning, they offered a course for preparing an Apprentice like myself for writing the Red Seal Millwright Exam. 


Once receiving access to the course I was very impressed.  The format was organized into 22 Task quizzes followed up with a mock millwright exam of 135 questions which was timed as well. Each task was accurately weighted and  gave me an idea of the how many questions in that category would be on the exam. This gave me confidence in knowing what areas of study to focus on and types of questions I would see. Most of all what helped aid me the greatest was the in depth explanations following each question that included references and video tutorials to better my understanding. 

After completing the Xlr8ed course I proceeded to write the exam and I am pleased to say I passed the first time with 80%. I was extremely pleased with the Xlr8ed learning platform and believe it made the difference of not only a passing grade but a reputable one. Anyone writing the  Inter-Provincial I highly recommend this training software, it worked for me. 

Chris Folk Licensed September 2018


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Millwright Certificate of Qualification Test Questions provide fully justified answers